Momoi Lure Soul Cast PE (150m)

RM129.00 MYR

MOMOI have released a new PE braided line “LureSoul Cast PE”. It has enough flexibility and suppleness thanks to the New unprecedented braiding technology which reduces the problem that many cheaper braids have, such as like flatted line, sodden line, and line breaks while fishing over rough ground. You can cast without any trouble, be it by spinning or bait fishing.

This PE braided line is specialized for Lure type Fishing, for Seabass and similar. The newly developed “Triple Silicone Coating” enhances “Further”, “Stronger”, and “Smoother” casting due to decreased friction on the guides.


Material: SUPER PE
processing: triple silicon processing
color: orange (25 mtr per marking)

 Lbs Test Dia. Test (KG) Length
9 LB 0.10 mm 4.1 150m
15 LB 0.12 mm 6.8 150m
18 LB 0.14 mm 8.1 150m
20 LB 0.16 mm 9.0 150m
25 LB 0.18 mm 11.3 150m
30 LB 0.20 mm 13.5 150m
40 LB 0.23 mm 18.0 150m
50 LB 0.26 mm 22.5 150m

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