Our Company

Since its first debut in the year 1992, TCE TACKLES (434721-U) Sdn Bhd has soon developed into a local leading company in the fishing tackle industry. Having gained experience from the constant change in business boundaries and rapid development of technology, we finally grow into the nationwide wholesaler, exporter, retailer and even an importer for fishing tackles. Kudos to the anglers all over the world who have put their trust in TCE TACKLES for equipment that delivers our innovation and creativity. 

We are proud to have 112 showrooms throughout  ASEAN. Besides the prominent brands such as Tomman, Fire Eagle, Xpuyu, Ajiking, Bakau,
 Ikan Toman, Tcamp, GL, BJ.Dive, Big Cat, VIP Access, Blue Eye international famous brands especially Banax, Strike pro, Okuma and St. Croix, help to build up a great recognition for TCE TACKLES.

We always adhere to our slogan “TEAM WORK & BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED” as our motivation to harvest the greatest credit and round of applause from our supporters. We have been maintaining an active product development and improvement to strive for the highest level of achievement in our career. Hence, be confident that we are worth of your choice! We are confident that our products could meet your demands of fishing tackles and our service would satisfy you. 

TCE TACKLES Sdn Bhd is driven by the core values and ethics in business, our employees demonstrate a commitment to our customers and fishing community in our operation. As a token of appreciation, we promise to provide our customers the proficiency and tools required to keep pace in a quickly-evolving marketplace.

Since we have cultivated a supportive environment treating each other with mutual respect and understanding to accelerate the product improvement, we cordially welcome our customers or supporters to share their experience, information and comment with us. In view of future, we believe that generation after generation of anglers whom we have served will enjoy the fruits of our effort and the thrill of the fishing sport.