Shinju Mahata Wildeye Giant Jigging Shad - SMS 700

RM23.50 MYR
Length : 17.8 cm
Weight : 207g
Colours Available : GG, OG, YG, SR

** Interchangeable head/body construction
Designed for deep diving bottom bashing jigging action. The lure hangs perfectly horizontal in the water and even with little movement from the current it offers a superb action imitating a bait fish. Even on the slightest movement the lure shows a life like side-to-side action and the paddle tail creates extra stimulus. The Giant Jigging Shad WSMS 700 is excellent for getting down to depth quickly and be worked over a target patch in a slow pitch jigging style as it gets lifted and fluttered down to grab the attention of its intended prey.

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